OUR MISSION Help, Educate, and Empower people from all walks of life into believing in themselves, living responsibly, and attaining freedom through faith and love while serving others.


Established in March 2005, Citi Health Services, Inc. is a relatively new agency.  However, nothing is new when it comes to our experience and commitment to caring for those individuals in need, living in the communities we serve. The principals of Citi Health Services, Inc. have more than 30 years of experience in health care, social services and education in New York State and have the ability to effectively serve the needs of a diverse community.

Fanell Alerte, M.D, has an exceptional track record as a medical doctor with over 20 years in the field working with distressed and underserved populations of Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyevesant, and East Flatbush area of Central Brooklyn. Dr Alerte also participated in the successful delivery of PCAP (Perinatal Care Assistance Program) to these communities for over 15 years.  During his time as an M.D., Dr. Alerte recognized the need to establish programs providing access to health and social services for families in predominantly underserved populations.

 He created Citi Health Services as a new model of several linked corporate entities which comprise a multi service corporation that provides an array of health, human services, and educational programs to residents of New York State. In this capacity he has instituted programs to address the various needs of the community.

 By building these corporate entities on a solid Mission Statement, which is: To help, educate, and empower people from all walks of life into believing in themselves, living responsibly, and attaining freedom through faith and love while serving others, Dr. Alerte ensures that each family serviced will not only gain materially but socially as well.

 Lorna S. McBarnette,Ed.D., Sc.D. is President of Citi Health Services. Her skills as a health professional help provide direction for the corporation along with community outreach. She has had a long career in health and education, having served as President and CEO of two major health Systems, as Commissioner of Health of the State of New York, and Dean of the School of Health Technology and Management at SUNY Stonybrook. She has studied extensively in the areas of Early Childhood Education and Adult Education. She was Professor of Health Policy and Management at Stony brook, SUNY Albany, and St George’s University. 

Alexander Alerte, M.D, has more than ten years experience working as a Child Psychiatrist in the Behavioral and Mental Health arena, working with special needs children, the mentally retarded, and those with pervasive disorders (autism, aspergus, and childhood disintegrative disorders). His role as a Citi Health Services Board Member is to provide guidance and supervision of developing programs. His leadership role focuses on identification and treatment of psychiatric, psychosocial, and behavioral problems in children from diverse backgrounds in multicultural settings in upper Manhattan and the South Bronx.