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The following Items are required for those interested in employment with Citi Health Services:

 1. New York State License/ Certificate

(Please bring the original document with you for verification)

 2. Liability/Malpractice Insurance

 3. Current Physical Form

 (Please make sure that the Doctor’s signature, date and stamp is on the form)

 a. Date PPD test was completed and read

(If the result is positive, we will need a copy of the x-ray report)

4. A copy of your lab tests for Rubella & Rubeola

 5. Complete Blood Count (CBC) & Diphtheria/Tetanus (DPT)

 6. Drug Screen & Results

 7. One Picture ID (NYS ID or Passport)

 8. A copy of your Social Security Card, Green Card or Work Authorization (If not a U.S. Citizen)

 9. 2 Letters of Reference (One issued by a training school and the second reference (work-related preferred))